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Targeted for Hyperscale Data Centers, to support 10 TBPS processing

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FDA Approved AI-assisted Handheld Ultrasound Scanner Testing

Case Study – Discover how eInfochips enhanced the quality and accuracy of a leading US-based provider’s diagnostic tool for ultrasound imaging….


Least Privileges in IOT and Organization

The Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) is a critical cybersecurity concept that limits user and system access rights to the minimum necessary. On the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape and within organizations, implementing PoLP through role-based access control, network segmentation, and regular audits can significantly reduce security risks, mitigate potential damage, and enhance overall security posture.


How Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Enables Secure and Compliant Open-Source Usage

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is a critical tool for managing open-source software risks. SCA scans codebases to assess security, licensing compliance, and code quality. It creates a Software Bill of Materials, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides remediation guidance. SCA helps organizations achieve baseline compliance, expose security issues early in the SDLC, and automate open-source tracking processes.


SIEM-Security Information and Event Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a vital tool for organizations to monitor and protect their IT infrastructure. SIEM collects, analyzes, and correlates data from various sources to detect threats, ensure compliance, and enable rapid incident response. With advanced features like AI and cloud monitoring, SIEM continues to evolve to meet the growing security challenges faced by modern enterprises.


Challenges of power optimization for high-speed designs

Whitepaper – In the latest SOC, the transistor count is increasing in modern VLSI designs to add new architecture features leading to more power dissipation in the design…


Automated Timing Signoff fixing using Tweaker

Whitepaper – A tweaker can handle multiple sign-off corners for timing/power optimization at a time and tackle specific ECO portions of design, hence, a faster turnaround…

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“eInfochips provided us flexible integrated partnership where they invested with us just as we did. I never felt there was a time when they ever said that’s not my job that’s out of scope.”

Stacy Taylor

Global Director SaaS Operations, Dover Fueling Solutions

“eInfochips helped us install the edge operating system which is a complex piece onto hardware platforms, deploy containerized applications, and do documentation, including user guides and manuals.”

Michael Dell’Anno

Advanced Communication Systems Lab Manager, GE Research


“We have not only used component services from Arrow but also used design services from eInfochips. This is the first time we have used design services from eInfochips and it has been a great great experience”

James Hendrickson

Director of Product and Offering Management, Honeywell


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Featured as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant study on “Manufacturing Industry Services”

We are delighted to be featured as a winner in the ISG Digital Case Study Awards™ 2021 for our best-in-class digital transformation work.

Featured as a key digital engineering and operational technology services provider.

In 2023, eInfochips got recognition as a Major Contender by Everest Group in their Quality Engineering (QE) Specialist Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.

In 2023, eInfochips received the NASSCOM Spotlight Awards for the Company’s First ‘Smart Water Management System Development’ in the ‘Ideation to Engineering Leadership’ category.

In 2023, eInfochips received another NASSCOM Spotlight Award for the World’s First ‘Non-invasive Incontinence Monitoring and Detection Device’ in the ‘Concept to Engineering Leadership’ category.

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