ASIC & FPGA Design

eInfochips design team offers specification to silicon services. Our team has comprehensive domain expertise in Networking, Avionics, Video and Storage and can help you in IP development of compute intensive algorithms (WRED, trTCM, DEFLATE) and industry standard protocols like MIPI (CSI2, DSI), Storage (UFS-HCI, ONFI).

Our close working relationship with multiple device vendors provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the architecture and optimization techniques of each major FPGA/CPLD, such as Xilinx, Altera, and Microsemi. eInfochips offers FPGA design and development expertise to meet low volume and faster time to market requirements.

Why eInfochips?

Complete ownership of FPGA based product development involving spec-to-design, RTL coding, verification, board validation and system installation.

25+ FPGA/ASIC projects in past three years.

Comprehensive domain expertise in Networking, Avionics, Video and Storage.

Quick prototyping services for multi-million ASIC into multiple FPGAs to turn around a proof-of-concept for showcasing to the end customers.

Key Offerings

ASIC Design

FPGA Design & Development

  • Micro-architecture design
  • RTL design
  • Functional verification
  • SoC integration
  • IP Development
  • Feasibility Study
  • FPGA Device Selection
  • Architecture Definition
  • Micro-architecture design
  • RTL Coding & Lint
  • ASIC prototyping
  • Board Validation
  • Functional Verification
  • Synthesis and Optimization
  • Floor-planning & Timing Closure

Success Stories

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