DO-254 Support for Satellite Comms System

Executive Summary

The client is a leading supplier of communication systems for the aerospace industry, and has designed the world’s first Iridium Satellite based navigation and communication system. One of the end-customers had requested for DO-254 certification for 7 different commercial and business aircraft platforms.

The solution was to audit the existing DAL-D system and documentation and identify gaps to be addressed before the FAA DO-254 SOI phases. This was also an opportunity to re-engineer the module for obsolescence management, and replace key COTS components that were nearing end-of-life.

eInfochips provided in-depth expertise on DO-254 standards and documentation, to significantly reduce investments in re-engineering the module. The client was able to meet the end-customer requirements wiithout impacting overall PL profitability.

Project Highlights

  • Iridium Satellite based System
  • Altera Cyclone based Design
  • ARINC and SITA NW Qualified
  • Emergency Telemetry
  • ARINC 741 and 761 Interface
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