End-to-end Product Engineering for a Telematics Device

Executive Summary

The client is into the business of fleet solutions, including vehicle behavioral analytics, truck camera systems, and safety solutions for commercial fleets. Based in Texas, the client is a part of a multi-billion conglomerate providing services across multiple industry verticals.

eInfochips was chosen as a supplier looking at the end-to-end product development capabilities, and expertise across testing and sustenance, in addition to experience in connected transportation solutions.

The solution aimed at creating a device that could integrate about 10 sensors for data aggregation and processing over a cloud. eInfochips chipped in with end-to-end product design, development, testing, production support, and sustenance.

The solution offered a great deal of value for effective and safe transit of large commercial truck fleets through data monitoring and analytics, leading to reduced accidents and route optimization. The efficient design and testing practices also enabled highly accurate and productive testing and resulted in 18-20% BOM (Bill of Materials) cost reduction.

Project Highlights

Physical Design of Data Center ASIC
  • Turnkey development of a telematics black box for heavy commercial vehicles
  • New product development – hardware, firmware, and mechanical design
  • Extensive testing – functional and field trial
  • Production – prototyping, production support, and sustenance
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