A Blueprint on Device Engineering Services

Executive Summary

Embedded systems were first used in 1960 for building Apollo Guidance Computer. It was the first modern embedded system, which was used for navigation and control of the spacecraft. It helped astronauts collect real-time flight data and automatically control its functions. The integrated circuits (ICs) were first used in Apollo Flight Computer. The journey of embedded system from Apollo Guidance Computer to the Connected Smart Devices is fascinating. Embedded systems are the key enablers for smart devices across the world.

Read on to know more about why and when businesses need DES, challenges associated with product design & development, how DES works, how to choose your electronic partner, and many more.

Project Highlights

  • Why Companies are Outsourcing DES?
  • Key Drivers of DES
  • Device Design and Engineering Challenges
  • How to Choose Your Device Engineering Partner?
  • 7 Phases of Device Design and Development
  • Device Engineering Success Story
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