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TI Keystone Lamar (K2L) and the Bounty of Application Areas

TI Keystone Lamar (K2L) and the Bounty of Application Areas

In my last blog on TI K2E, I had briefed about Texas Instruments (TI) Keystone Edison (K2E). Here in this edition of blog, I would like to describe another latest incredible TI processor called Keystone Lamar (K2L).

K2L EVM BoardK2L is a multicore processor based on latest Keystone II architecture with up to two 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A15 cores and up to four 1/1.2GHz TMS320C66x DSP cores.  It is the first processor with JESD204B interface with integrated sample rate conversation (DDUC) which makes it an ideal fit to replace FPGAs as it can be directly connected to TI ADC/DAC and AFE. Thus K2L helps in reducing the time-to-market for customers and offers greater programmability than FPGA in DDUC/FFTC implementation/changes, algorithms and floating point. JESD204B also provides maximum lane rate, improves multiple device synchronization with less latency and also improves the layout with lower pin counts.

Earlier with TCI6630K2L, TI was majorly targeting Telecom Sector where it was being used in wireless backhaul applications and special SDR/BDR application in BTS stations. But now with latest release of 66AK2L0x in April the processor has been customized for Test and Measurement, Avionics and Defense, Industrial Imaging and Medical applications. Some the major applications have been explained as follows.

Avionics and Defense Applications

k2l aerospace defenceWith multicore architecture, K2L has up to four powerful TMS320C66x 1/1.2GHz cores which makes it appropriate for running complex algorithms which make it an ideal choice for high-end video, imaging and communication applications. Two highly efficient 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A15 cores help K2L to run wireless backhaul applications. With all these benefits, K2L can be used in electronic warfare and communications where it finds a great fit in Signals Intelligence – SIGINT/ELINT, Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR), Military radar (air, ground, sea), Civilian radar (weather), radar array, Radar warning receivers, jammers Countermeasure, Software Defined Radio (SDR), High speed data acquisition systems. Another application area can be of Missiles and ground defense where K2L can be an ideal fit in Intercept missiles (air, ground), Missile guidance & control systems, Anti-radiation missiles, Monitoring systems (air, ground), Military tanks & transport vehicles. Last but not the least, K2L can be applied to Military Aircraft and general aviation systems like Surveillance aircraft, Mobility aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Munitions, Flight computers: controls & navigation, Avionics GPS systems.

K2L suffices all the critical requirements of typical Aerospace and Defense customers like small form factor, high power efficiency, highest level of raw performance, large on-chip memory (up to 8MB), high bandwidth I/O, ease of use w/ tools and software, extended temperature range and longevity of supply.

Industrial Applications

k2l industrialK2L has world-class performance in GFLOPS+DMPIS per Watt and high sampling rate for flexible/dynamic configurations supported in any industrial application. The spectrum of K2L applications in Industrial space varies from X-Ray imaging to Light Detection and Ranging Systems (LiDAR). The powerful DSP cores make K2L appropriate for industrial imaging applications and with typical power consumption of 6W, it can be used in portable systems as well.

Medical Applications

k2l medicalK2L can integrate directly with large number of ADC/DAC sensors and can run simultaneous complex calculation algorithms on multiple powerful DSP cores. These factors make it an ideal processor for MRI and Ultrasound applications (up to 32 channels).  Medical robotics is another area where K2L can find its application in controlling robotic moments via integrated sensors.

Test and Measurements

k2l test measurementThe JESD interface makes K2L appropriate for many test and measurement applications like Wireless Tester, Data Acquisition Systems and Signal Generators.

K2L being a rugged power-efficient processor has a great market potential. eInfochips, leveraging its decade old partnership with Texas Instruments as a Platinum vendor, has developed an Evaluation Module (EVM) for TI K2L. It will shorten your time to market and help you in ideating products based on this platform. Please do write to us if think this is the platform for your next product.

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