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What is a digital twin and why is it important to IoT?

February 23, 2024

The Internet of Things and digital twins have a mutually beneficial relationship. IoT devices provide the real-time data that powers digital twins, while digital twins realize IoT data’s potential through monitoring, optimization, prediction, and decision support for physical assets. Together, they enable smarter asset management.

Securing IoT Gateways

December 26, 2023

IoT gateways connect devices to the cloud, securing data flow between them. Being a single point of failure, they are prime cyberattack targets. Protecting gateways is vital since they link local networks to larger infrastructure. Recommended safeguards include strong authentication, encryption, firmware checks, network segmentation, and updates.

Securing Firmware in IoT Devices

December 22, 2023

IoT devices have become an essential part of our daily routine, enabling smart-home solutions, industrial automation, healthcare applications, and much more. However, this widespread adoption also brings forth significant security challenges. Firmware plays a critical role in ensuring proper functionality and security. In this blog, we will delve into the importance of firmware security in IoT devices and explore best practices to protect these devices from potential cyber threats.

The Importance of Data Protection on the Internet of Things

December 7, 2023

The article stresses the critical need to secure IoT data to prevent potential risks for users and manufacturers. It underscores the importance of identification, authentication, and encryption to safeguard against threats such as invasion timing and industrial espionage. The article concludes by emphasizing the vital role of robust security measures in IoT devices for overall protection and encourages businesses to prioritize cybersecurity.

Big Data in IoT Security

November 30, 2023

Cybersecurity defends information systems against theft and unauthorized access. It extends protection to all internet-related elements, including networks, data transmission, applications, and connected devices. The article highlights the fusion of IoT and big data, emphasizing IoT security and the application of big data analytics.

How Secure Boot help to Secure IoT Device

November 24, 2023

In today’s connected world, Secure Boot plays a pivotal role in fortifying IoT devices. It ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of boot-time software by validating digital signatures, guarding against malicious attacks. This essential security measure is implemented in device firmware, such as BIOS or UEFI, confirming the legitimacy of boot loaded software components. Notably, Secure Boot reduces the susceptibility to rootkits and firmware-level threats, fostering a secure foundation for IoT systems.


Mix Reality Using Hololens 2

January 18, 2024

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 leads the way in mixed reality technology, enabling revolutionary holographic experiences. This transformative headset is reshaping industries from healthcare to marketing by merging virtual and real worlds. With a wide field of view and precise tracking, HoloLens 2 brings future potential to diverse sectors through immersive, collaborative and productive applications.

Generative AI, Chatbots and Beyond: Enhancing Internal Business Operations in the Digital Age

January 9, 2024

Generative AI creates new data from existing datasets, enabling automation across business functions like sales, marketing, HR, and legal. It powers applications like proposal generation, predictive analytics, document creation, and chatbots. Building a conversational chatbot involves steps like selecting a model, training it on curated data, iterating for accuracy, choosing a platform, and extensively testing the interface.

Enhancing API Security with Artificial Intelligence: A Game Changer

December 12, 2023

The article emphasizes the critical role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing API security. AI detects threats in real-time, predicts vulnerabilities, and responds adaptively, offering efficiency and proactive protection. Despite challenges like privacy and integration complexity, real-world applications in finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and government showcase AI’s effectiveness. eInfochips provides API security solutions, incorporating best practices and Secure SDLC methodology for comprehensive protection during product development.

From Pixels to Precision: The Impact of AI and ML on Medical Imaging

September 18, 2023

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have revolutionized the field of medical imaging, bringing significant advancements in diagnostics, image interpretation, and patient care. Through the application of advanced algorithms and computational models, AI and ML have enabled precision medicine by automating tasks that were once solely reliant on human expertise.

Predictive AI & How It Is Used in Cybersecurity

September 7, 2023

Individuals and businesses have undoubtedly reaped numerous undeniable benefits from the advancement and evolution of technology. However, it has come with a significant disadvantage: an increase in cybercrime, cyberattacks, and malware infections, facilitated by the ever-increasing attack surface.The expansion of the network perimeter poses a significant problem, particularly for high-level business operations that need to consistently monitor hundreds of layers of code and security events to guard against intrusions. This task surpasses human capabilities and therefore requires a more efficient solution.

Semiconductor Companies Turn to AI to Design Future Chips

September 4, 2023

In 1965, Gordon Moore proposed Moore’s Law, which predicted that advances in processing will accelerate, shrink, and improve every two years. The desire for greater capabilities and higher performance is fueling innovation for the chip design business as we stand amid the digital revolution, which has fundamentally transformed the core notions of the electronics industry.

Software and Mobile Apps

A Guide to Creating an Engaging UI/UX for Web and Mobile Application

November 26, 2021

UI/UX design process There isn’t a standard process to follow by the UX or product

Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Framework for Enterprise Mobility Solutions

May 28, 2021

As the mobile app development market is growing at a rate of CAGR 14%, meeting user

Chatbots in Healthcare: Innovative and Improved Patient Experience

November 9, 2020

Global outbreak of COVID-19 has compelled all industrial sectors to rethink their ways of customer

Digitizing Data Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

August 26, 2020

Digitization can be implemented by converting the existing printed/typed data/documents into a digital format that

Enabling Smart Scrolling using Eye Tracking Technology

August 25, 2020

The intention of writing this article is to shed more light on the concept of innovation in technology. The objective here is to express an idea for a feature called “Smart Scrolling” based on eye tracking mechanism. This can be achieved using an invisible near-infrared light and high definition camera or specially designed optical sensors with an advance algorithms used to determine the exact position of the eye at a given point of time.

Role of Digital Payments in living through COVID-19 pandemic

May 27, 2020

As an effect of COVID-19, the adoption of digital payment is increasing across users. The


Top Tips for Weeding Out Bad Data

September 12, 2023

The loss of trust throughout the entire stakeholder ecosystem, including customers, suppliers, and workers, is a major concern for many organizations. A lack of data trust can lead to poor decision-making, subpar customer experiences, regulatory fines for non-compliance, and more. In the competitive landscape of today, if a company aims to thrive, the elimination of unreliable data cannot be an afterthought.

Designing Robust and Secure Systems: Considerations for Effective System Design

July 10, 2023

This blog explores different design options, including monolith applications, microservices, and three-tier architecture. It also delves into disaster recovery strategies and emphasizes the importance of security measures such as authentication, authorization, firewall, and data encryption. Gain insights into designing robust and secure systems for your projects.

Understanding Service Mesh: Enhancing Microservice Communication and Performance

June 23, 2023

Based on a micro survey conducted by CNCF, among the 253 survey participants, 70% have deployed or are presently utilizing a service mesh in production or development settings. Moreover, 19% of the respondents are currently in the evaluation phase of a service mesh solution.

Test Driven Development Using Google Test

June 20, 2023

This blog explores the usage of Google Test, an open-source C++ unit test framework. Learn how to build and integrate the framework, write test cases, and leverage its features for efficient testing.

Monitoring Expiry of AD App Registration Secrets Using Azure Automation Accounts

May 8, 2023

In today’s world, monitoring is an essential part of DevOps, which is required for any cloud solution to run smoothly without interruption on automation designs where authentication is done using service principals. For applications running on Azure, Microsoft Identity Platform is commonly configured for this purpose.

Implementing Secure SDLC: A Step-by-Step Guide

March 6, 2023

The SSDLC provides a framework for developing secure software by incorporating security practices from the start of the project or SDLC. It involves identifying security issues earlier in the development life cycle, which can reduce the total cost of apps. The activities involved in each phase of the SSDLC include requirement gathering, design, implementation, testing, and deployment.

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