Step-by-Step guide for your 5G strategy

The stages of Planning and Design play a pivotal role in the successful adoption of any new technology. The transition to 5G is expected to be quite different and complex from the previous generations of wireless technologies. Along with the deployment challenges, business leaders are also perplexed by the economic uncertainties that 5G brings, given the uncertainty around regulatory issues such as which spectrum will be released first viz lower band (700 MHz) or the mid to high band (3-4 GHz), or the mm band (24- 39 GHz) and the lack of proven use-cases. Because of this ambiguity, CEOs across industries are treading the path of adopting 5G cautiously.

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Karnesh Mehta

Karnesh is a Marketing & Communications professional, with an overall experience of 8+ years in the realm of Corporate Communications, encompassing varied areas such as brand management, content writing & editing, handling media relations, Internal Communications, managing social media properties, and, activities such as Online Reputation management to assiduously build brands on Digital platforms. Academically, he is an Engineer with a major in Information Technology and a postgraduate with Marketing as a major.

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