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Product Design Services for Intelligent Vending Machine Systems [Video Infographic]

Retail companies feel the need to improve the process and turnaround times for moving a product from supplier to customer i.e. storing, delivering and providing a product to the end user as quickly as possible. For most, making their products available through vending machines is often a key part of the solution.

To be successful, vending machines need to be designed smartly, integrating the latest technology and a user interface based on a thorough understanding of how the target customers interact with the vending machine. A vending machine can actually take on a very different purpose depending on where it is in the world.

These machines are becoming increasingly widespread in the retail sector as they offer a number of advantages: faster product availability, lower overheads, improved productivity, and better safety and quality of the stock.

When product design services companies design a new vending machine solution, a number of questions are taken into consideration: Where is the vending machine market heading? What are the consumers looking for? Why is driving the demand for vending machines? What new features can be added to vending machines? Which markets are seeing the most growth for vending machines?

Here is an infographic from eInfochips (An Arrow Company), looking at some of these points:


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