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Pokemon GO Season in Full Swing: Does your Smartphone Performance Measure up?

Pokémon GO Season in Full Swing: Does your Smartphone Performance Measure up?

This year, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg said at the annual Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, “We’re making a long term bet that immersive, virtual and augmented reality will become part of people’s daily lives.”

Without a doubt, Augmented reality (AR) represents the latest stage of evolution in the gaming industry as evident in the phenomenal global success of Pokémon GO, the super gaming app which is having hordes of excited teenagers and even older adults driving great distances (or walking, cycling, sailing etc.) to capture their favorite characters like Pikachu or the much rarer ones. Nothing like this has been witnessed on such a scale before.

Pokémon GO – a Sign of the Augmented Reality (AR) Age

The current global favorite game has shattered droves of records, like:

  • Recording more usage than Twitter or Facebook.
  • Reaching the same level of popularity as other sensational blockbusters including FarmVille, Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds all combined together, but in a matter of days, not over months and years.
  • Scaling off-the-chart mobile app revenues for Niantic Corporation on both iOS and Android.

More exciting times lie ahead for strong believers in augmented reality gaming apps which have taken the gaming industry by storm. This system of immersive gaming tries to capture an alternative view of real world environments through sound, video and GPS data. In Pokémon GO, for instance, you are encouraged to go out in the real world and capture your favorite characters using your device touchscreen

Pokémon GO runs on a multiplayer app using Geo-location technology placed over imaginary maps in the real world. While playing, the gamers have to turn their location services on Google maps to render a 3D environment and work with activated phone cameras to see Pokémon superimposed into the real world objects. This creates gamification based on how much you are willing to move around, because that way the more creatures are found, a brilliant incentive to exercise for couch potatoes struggling with obesity.

 Want to reach Level 40 in Pokémon GO – Win the Performance Battle first

In order to reach the maximum possible level 40 in the game, as a gamer, device performance becomes the most important variable in your control. Here, we will discuss briefly a few things that you need to stay focused on to tilt the results in your favor.

Faster GPU

If the gamer wants to capture their favorite characters on the way to their school, college or office (we highly don’t recommend this practice but tell that to the hardcore addicts!), time is of absolute essence. So, for instance, if there is a rare Pokémon find at a traffic signal, you can’t really afford to wait for it to develop fully during the odd fifteen second window of time. In such anxious moments, it would be helpful to have a device which has the fastest possible GPU to render your graphics correctly and catch the character in the fraction of a second.

It’s about the memory, finally!

Device memory is crucial to getting the maximum out of your Pokémon GO experience. Consider a hardcore gamer who also likes to enjoy bicycle rides, now he/she wouldn’t really like the difficult choice of having to dismount from the speeding bike to capture the elusive Pokémon that pops up in unexpected surroundings. It would make far more sense to have the smartphone permanently mounted on the bike handle bar, swinging into action immediately when an exciting character appears on the horizon.

With memory intensive focus and right performance characteristics of your smartphone device, it is possible to capture your Pokémon anyway, and anywhere without having to stop. If you’re interested, further, Android has listed a line-up of high memory devices which can help your cheerily render your favorite Pokémon on the fly. Snapdragon 810 and Snapdragon 820-based devices like e.g. the Galaxy S7, take the pride of place in this final tally.

Immersive Video Graphics

Again, consider the example of the cyclist gamer above. While rendering the 3D environment faster and having abundant memory are critical to get the maximum out of your Pokémon GO experience, we’d say that really helps you get the 99% of it. If you want to make the last mile Olympian finish in your pursuit of Pokémon GO hall of fame celebrity status, high quality video graphics is what can help you clinch the deal. We’re talking of minor factors like the ball’s “trajectory”. But, in order to make that stellar finish you’re hoping for in your pursuit to Level 40, every tiny detail rendered beautifully definitely punches above its weight. Advanced microprocessors can help you generate photorealistic video graphics for high quality immersive video experiences.

How Eragon 820 helps you Capture Best Augmented Reality Experiences with your Smartphone?

Due to multiple application running at the same time like Google maps, camera, Pokémon app, it requires mobile power saving, efficient RAM and 3D visual graphics for smooth processing devices to achieve target of catching Pikachu.

To address this, eInfochips has launched an efficient processor: Eragon 820 Snapdragon processor Adreno™ 350 GPU (upto 624 MHz), featuring 4GB of RAM, CSI -4 lane Camera Connector (supports maximum up to 32MP) display designed to build next generation devices which are highly compatible to play augmented reality games i.e. Pokémon Go.
Advanced processors like these have been designed to meet AR-VR applications platforms like

  • Video processing capability
  • Thermal & power constraints
  • Dual Image Signal Processor
  • Appropriate firmware & frameworks to utilize the processor’s maximum capability

It has accelerated 4K and HD video capability to support more than 32MP camera. It can further deliver immersive visual graphics and efficient processing for superior experience while catching a Pokémon.

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