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IoT and DevOps | What it takes to overcome the challenges in enabling a truly connected world? [Video]

IoT and DevOps | What it takes to overcome the challenges in enabling a truly connected world? [Video]

The number of connected devices is expected to rise to 26.3 billion by 2020 (Cisco Virtual Networking Index Forecast from 2015 to 2020). In order to sustain this double-digit growth, IoT solution providers are bracing themselves for the challenges in handling such a huge volume of data, and the growing complexity of infrastructure required.

DevOps can be the biggest enabler of creating connected, smart solutions owing to its strong, collaborative culture which supports continuous software deployment, along with multiple application delivery endpoints across diverse devices, web browsers, mobile, etc.  This brings together an opportunity of development and operational team work which can  give rise to DevOps culture beyond technology, encompassing seamless and effective collaboration and communication with a new mindset, and the tools required.

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einfochips provides DevOps expertise for IoT with an end to end implementation in terms of continuous delivery/integration, deployment, testing and monitoring, tools evaluation and execution, which follows scrum of scrum cycle. It also helps in CloudOps services driven monitoring and management application services, including for application, network, device or a cloud and integration with third party services or with continuous integration and deployment tools.

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