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Enabling Smart IoT Solutions using Brillo and Weave

Enabling Smart IoT Solutions using Brillo and Weave

It’s been just around a year since Google announced its Brillo operating system and Weave protocol that aim to unify communication between connected objects. Brillo, an Android-based OS was primarily designed for providing a common connectivity interface for low power IoT objects while Weave protocol helps identify those objects, exchange commands, release updates and initiate set-up calls and metrics monitoring for system performance Brillo is capable of changing digital game for:

  • Industrial Automation/Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Media & Telecom
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Banking & Finance

As of today, the unique technology pair of Brillo and Weave has already seen growing adoption among smart home device-makers even as advanced code development by Google and their developers is underway. Nonetheless, as it happens in the case of all new technologies, it was just a matter of time before other verticals. Brillo can revolutionize various other business segments too.

  • Banks can monitor customers, understand and engage with them using mobile apps and wearables. Also, the branches and ATMs can be connected to complex web services using Weave. This would help drive growth in consumer electronics while delivering differentiated brand experience for purchase, supply and distribution by integrating demand and supply channels.
  • Power grid companies can use Brillo and Weave to optimize current, voltage, energy usage measurement devices by developing solutions for energy monitoring, data analysis and sub billing application.
  • Brillo-Weave can be used to develop smart retail systems using cloud connected wireless camera, wireless barcode scanner and sensor based access, vending, Auto-Checkout, Product Info, Personalized Coupons, Assistance and Inventory Tracking.
  • They can be used to develop automated vehicle localization systems along with tracking for fleet management using remote monitoring/Maintenance and pre & post recordings for each event ensuring full coverage.
  • Going beyond the pill with direct-to-patient digital experiences in a way that physicians can access patient records remotely and prescribe drug dosage. Thus, patients could get immediate medication from homes, in emergency vans, and from remote dispensing units across campuses, shopping malls and other public zones.
  • Smart Factories where one can monitor work performance via mobile apps.

Brillo brings the simplicity and speed of software system development to hardware by giving a light-weight embedded OS grounded on Android stack, core amenities, a designer set, and a developer console. Once, connected devices are built, there should be a way to make them communicate with other devices and allow users to speedup interaction. With Weave, you’ll build practical communications directly onto these devices. Weave is a communication protocol that supports discovery, provisioning, and authentication so that devices can connect and interact with one another.

The main role of Weave is to register a device over cloud and send/receive remote   commands. Weave is a device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication protocol. Weave provides electronic messaging service that permits smartphones and other devices to speak to every alternative domestically and remotely through the cloud. The Weave-enabled cloud server handles remote communication and access to web-connected IoT device while adding up safety and scale. With Weave you also get a set of services to securely set up the device and obtain measured access.

Moreover, Weave works seamlessly with, and is actually built right into Brillo. On the other hand, Weave libraries can be used with existing Linux-based OS. Weave comes with a mobile SDK for both iOS and Android to build apps to control and enhance the connected device experience for mobile users. Currently, only Google Cloud supports Weave and no other professional cloud (like Amazon and Microsoft) does that.

eInfochips team has developed our own Brillo-based IoT Gateway using Snapdragon 410c board (ERAGON). To see the demo on eInfochips IoT expertise, email us at

If you want Brillo-based solutions, eInfochips can help you get the maximum value through the following benefits:

  • Snapdragon-ready 410C board with Brillo support(ERAGON Board)
  • Early adaptation to Brillo OS for new/old IoT devices.
  • Exploring the possibility of migration to Brillo for existing devices.
  • Brillo device interface with non-Google Cloud. (Some customers have data security concerns using public Cloud like Google Cloud)
  • Develop an Android Application that can interface with Brillo and non Brillo Devices together over non Google cloud Environment.
  • Work on development for Brillo Device Side + Android Application+ Cloud Application.
  • Perform Edge Analytics over Brillo Platform
  • Cloud application to do analytics of data gathered from Smart sensors.

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