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How AI-Vision and Video Management Solutions Ensures Security of Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in terms of revenue and facilities, but it is also vulnerable to theft, security issues, false lawsuits, and vandalism. Apart from good infrastructure, medical and patient care services, and trained professionals, a hospital’s reputation also depends on its safe and secure environment.

To improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare facilities for patients, visitors, and hospital staff, it requires cutting-edge security and surveillance solutions that can provide round the clock monitoring, intelligent AI based video analytics, real-time incident notification to improve the overall healthcare facilities.

Intelligent Vision Solutions with AI powered video analytics provides holistic security and surveillance solutions for hospitals of any size and helps healthcare facilities to streamline their business processes in an efficient manner.

Let us check out some of the benefits of AI-Powered Vision Solutions in the healthcare industry:

● Securing Hospital Premises

Video Surveillance powered by intelligent vision solutions in hospital premises is very important; right from the parking lots, reception area, visitor’s lobby, storeroom, blood banks, pathology labs, to the kitchen. IP surveillance cameras placed strategically with other security systems help prevent break-ins and crimes in healthcare facilities. Integration of video management solutions with the hospital’s visitor management software, access control devices, network audio systems (speakers, mics) can help in improving the efficiency of the hospital staff. Real-time incident notification in cases like trespassing, unauthorized access to the restricted areas and negligence of support staff can alert security and IT staff to respond immediately.

● Patient Care

Improving patient’s health is a key responsibility of any hospital, and real-time video surveillance and monitoring of patients can be very helpful in keeping a close check on their health, medication, treatment, instant support in case of an emergency, saving the lives of the patients. Ai-powered vision solutions can track the patient’s movements in the hospital, monitor doctors and hospital staff visits, ensuring quality care of patients. Since patients in ICUs require critical care, it needs to be monitored 24×7 with AI based video analytics like motion tracking, fall detection, object detection, motion sensing, which prove to be very helpful in virtually tracking their health status.

● Telemedicine / Telehealth

Telemedicine and tele-healthcare facilities are incomplete without video management and conferencing solutions. Tele-healthcare provides connected healthcare solutions to patients away from the healthcare facility. It helps them consult the doctors through video conferencing, transmission of medical data, recording, and management of EHR through diagnostic device integration and in some cases, remote drug dispensation.

● Preventing Theft

Theft of hospital supplies, domestic utilities, medicines, and medical equipment is a big concern for the entire industry, which directly affects hospital efficiency resulting in an increase in procurement costs and undesirable expenditure. Medical caregivers, support staff, patients and their family members majorly do theft at hospitals, which results in shrinkage in hospital resources and equipment losses. To curb with issues of theft, break-ins, and shoplifting, IP surveillance cameras with access control devices can be installed in critical locations allowing limited access to designated hospital staff. AI based Video Analytics features like, object counting, people counting, PTZ control, and RFID tags to the equipment can reduce stealing incidents.

● Improving Safety of Staff

Hospital staff in the emergency department, reception area, OPD section, waiting halls, and drug counters are more prone to anger and violence of the visitors and family members of the patients. Most of the incidents of verbal spats and fights in hospitals are caused due to dispute with medical staff, resulting in a hostile environment within the hospital. To prevent such scenarios, IP cameras connected with intelligent video surveillance system can be very helpful in alerting hospital security about such incidences in real-time and ensure the safety of other visitors, patients, and hospital staff.

● Managing Ambulance Fleet

VMS for ambulance fleets can help in improving hospital’s efficiency in patient care. Installation of IP video cameras in and out of the ambulances and tracking them from hospitals can provide critical information about patient’s health and allow hospital staff to be prepared on arrival of the ambulance. Recording of the treatment given to patients during on-road accidental cases, fire, violence, or any other medical emergency can be used for future reference and training purposes of the hospital staff. It can also help in dealing with false allegations on the medic team.

● Reducing False Claims and Lawsuits

False claims and lawsuits against hospitals are a threat to the hospital’s reputation and drag hospital administration into legal troubles and losses. Recorded video evidence of a patient’s treatment, medicines, diagnostics, and financial transactions are very important in mitigating false claims. Video recording through body-worn cameras by medics are also in trend to restrict the unwarranted claims with the hospitals.

Along with ensuring security and surveillance of the healthcare facilities and streamlining other verticals of hospital management, intelligent features of AI powered video management and analytics solutions can be also used for tracking the performance and effectiveness of promotions of new medical facilities. Video analytics features like people counting, queue management, heat mapping, and motion detection can help in managing hospital visitors.

eInfochips’ Security, surveillance and Access Control services offers services in Camera design, Video Management Solutions, AI- Powered Video Analytics and solutions in Authentication and Access Control devices. eInfochips Video Management Solutions are based on multi-tenant federated architecture are scalable and flexible to support any number of cameras and connected devices.

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