OptiX – ASIC Design Environment Tool

Executive Summary

The OptiX is a full-chip design environment that includes innovative automation and reporting capabilities to help designers implement and monitor their designs. It includes a production RTL-to-GDSII flow that can be leveraged to simplify and automate flows for many critical implementation and validation tasks, enabling engineers to focus on achieving performance and design goals. OptiX Design System covers support for 180-nanometer (nm) to 14-nm. GUI provides intuitive, easy-to-use flow creation, execution automation and project reporting.
Build innovative and sophisticated automation solutions such as

  • Configuration of ASIC flow from RTL to GDSII covering configuration of ASIC Stages & ASIC tools
  • Configuration for library and foundry files with support for 3rd party tools, enabling flow portability and customization across multiple projects
  • Reducing risk and accelerating project schedules by enhancing productivity

Project Highlights

    • ASIC design Environment tool
    • Covers RTL to GDSSII
    • Technology node process ready
    • High Productivity & Predictabilty
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