Design and Development of Advanced Chipsets for Mobile Technologies

Executive Summary

As a global leader driving innovations in wireless technology, our client envisioned a new frontier – game-changing 5G chipsets manufactured at 5nm and 3nm process nodes. But unlocking such miniaturized performance presented monumental engineering challenges.

Squeezing more transistors into tighter spaces risked overheating, power drain, and efficiency bottlenecks. Achieving optimal power, performance, and area (PPA) metrics demanded an expert partner with subatomic-level precision.

That’s why this semiconductor giant turned to eInfochips. With our decades of experience in physical design and TSMC’s cutting-edge foundry solutions, we could deliver the impossibly small, incredibly powerful chips they envisioned. Our engineers dove deep, optimizing every nanometer of the design through rigorous implementation and testing. The result? Compact, hyper-efficient 5G SoCs that will revolutionize wireless experiences worldwide – from ultra-high-speed streaming to mission-critical industrial applications.

Project Highlights

Design and Development of Advanced Chipsets for Mobile Technologies
  • Custom designed chips for data for Specific Mobile Applications
  • Fabrication with 5nm, 4nm, and 3nm semiconductor process nodes
  • 17+1 Metal Layers, 25+ functional blocks
  • Performance capabilities upto 1+ Ghz
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