Verification Approach Towards an Evolving IP

Executive Summary

INTRODUCTION: Universal Flash storage (UFS) is an upcoming JEDEC standard primarily targeted for mobile systems where data is stored in non-volatile mass storage memory devices [1]. UFS Host Controller Interface (HCI) provides two interfaces, Slave IO Memory/Register space and Master Host System Memory space. Verification approach towards evolving new versions of UFS HCI 1.0, UFS HCI 1.1 [2] & UFS HCI proprietary Design IP is discussed in detail which includes general processes and practices followed along with special considerations for managing dynamics.

Project Highlights

CHANGE REQUEST MANAGEMENT: It is quite evident from recent observation across the projects anywhere in the industry that all the project related information is not available at one place but it comes from various directions and different stack holders. To manage this everyone contributing to the project should sync up before project execution for correct flow of the information. Such action up front helps eliminating communication gaps and saves lot of time at the bottom of the pyramid.
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