UVM-MS Verification Framework for Mixed Signal SoC

Executive Summary

Universal Verification Methodology-Mixed Signal Verification Frame is a reusable verification solution for functional verification and co-simulation of Mixed Signal SoCs used in sensor based smart device applications like IoT, Automotive and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and ATE (Automatic Test Equipment). UVM is a proven functional verification methodology and UVM-MS methodology used by this framework is a customization and extension of UVM methodology to support Analog Designs and Mixed Signal interfaces used inside Mixed Signal SoCs.

Project Highlights

  • Identify digital analog boundary interaction-related issues in early part of the functional verification
  • Perform effective verification of Digital Controls of Analog circuit and detection of possible circular dependencies between Digital controls and Analog circuit states
  • Constrain random stimulus to provide better verification coverage for various control combinations and Analog stimulus
  • Achieve self-checking and transaction-level interaction to ensure easier and faster absorption of recurring Analog circuit changes owing to correct verification nature of Analog design flow
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