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Ensure Success of Your Ecommerce Website with the EzTest Tool

Ensure Success of Your Ecommerce Website with the EzTest Tool

Web and mobile (Android & iOS) applications are enjoying tremendous success in eCommerce. Due to their easy-to-use interface and the capability to offer modern features, they enable organizations to substantially save on time and costs. Apart from this, the capability to be dynamically upgraded makes Android a much sought-after OS in segments like set-top boxes, medical devices, consumer electronics and military and aerospace systems, among others. Being open source, Android gives device manufacturers the flexibility to customize in order to meet the unique demands of several hundred industries.

Android’s penetration in embedded devices industry is increasing exponentially. However, the industry faces a plethora of challenges on account of product reliability. Hence, there is a need for a comprehensive tool that can cover real-life end-to-end testing scenarios across the device and web spectrum to ensure high quality solutions with faster time to market.

EzTest Framework

EzTest, a unified test automation and management framework by eInfochips, enables automation early on in the testing cycle, enabling a reduction in operational costs and faster time-to-market. Being a comprehensive tool, it offers end-to-end testing across web and mobile platforms ensuring high quality solutions with about 40% reduction of effort over traditional automation methods. It is a robust, flexible and extensible framework with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to create and execute test suites while possessing a range of features:

  • End-to-End Testing: Offer end-to-end testing for device, web, mobile, database and API
  • Platform Type: Platform independent
  • Testing Type: Keyword, data and behaviour-driven testing
  • Architecture: Incorporate a plug & play architecture
  • Integration Options: Offer quicker integration with test management, build management and continuous integration tools
  • Test Execution: Facilitate auto triggered test execution and kicks off execution for new builds at a scheduled time frame
  • Error Detection: Have a smart error detection capability to automate messages for network related issues
  • Localization Option: Offer localization to support different languages
  • Cloud Facility: Support cloud integration
  • Log Capturing: Support on-demand debug log capturing

Phases/Components of EzTest

  • Identify Test Cases feasible for Automation

The very first step to start with Automation is to do a feasibility study to figure out test cases that can be automated or are worth automating. In this phase, automation framework requirements are identified which will be customized as required in EzTest automation solution. This phase will have tasks of test cases Walkthrough and Study, Grouping of Test Cases Functional Area wise and test case prioritization.

  • Common Actions / Keywords

Based on test cases scrubbing activity in this phase, all the keywords are identified with test data for test cases which are going to be automated. This will helpful to identify number of keywords/actions required in automation and remove chances of duplicate keywords creation. EzTest allows to start creating keywords/actions in this phase from User interface with flow of test case.

  • Object Repository

EzTest automation solution uses page object model based on which all the page wise objects/elements are defined. EzTest allows to add/edit object from User interface for test case and also it allows to modify from backend automation script.

  • Automate Test Cases

EzTest has feature to add/edit/delete test script with hybrid automation. This automation test script/test case can be grouped by tagging and test suite. One test case can have multiple tags and multiple test suites also. EzTest test script will have flow of manual test cases which can be isolated into multiple blocks. Also we can create dependency of block to another one or multiple blocks so test cases will be skipped in case dependency block/flow is failing in execution.

  • Test Data Setup

All the test data is maintained in excel sheets and columns. EzTest allows us to select excel file for specific flow of automation script or full automation script. In the same automation test cases, it allows to select multiple test data sets for different blocks. It is convenient for user to modify excel test data and backend data driven automation script will be created.

  • Execute Automation

EzTest allows to run automation by selecting test script, test suite and tag wise filter. Also EzTest will save all the previous execution records which will help to compare previous execution results with current build execution. EzTest has feature to save execution set so next time onwards, automation can be directly triggered for selected test scripts/suites/tags. EzTest has integration with DevOps which will setup/configure test environment at initially and then perform execution with Continuous Integration.

  • Test Results – Dashboard

EzTest provides graphical results of automation execution and also we can customized the reports by selecting different filter criteria. EzTest will generate detailed log results which will provide status of execution step wise of automation script. EzTest provide mechanism to save execution results in HTML format and also send email once execution completed with status of executed test scripts.

Ecommerce Testing

In the age of the Internet, ecommerce has revolutionized the retail industry. Providing an exclusive and seamless shopping experience across a multitude of products to meet the distinct needs of customers across the world is the only way forward in this competitive industry. Using the EzTest framework, testers can ensure a high quality website, one that ensures a gratifying user experience. By seamlessly integrating with tools like Jenkins, JIRA, QC, Maven and Ant, EzTest saves duplication efforts and offers great agility and cost benefits. The intuitive user interface makes creating and executing test suites easy and stress free. The EzTest framework can be leveraged by retailers to conduct the following types of testing for their ecommerce websites:

  • Functional Testing: The most important test any application needs to undergo is functionality testing. Verifying the application performs as intended by providing a range of inputs is essential to ensure functional success. The EzTest framework can be used to check various parameters of ecommerce websites: navigation techniques, intuitive search, single-page checkout, secure payment processes, real-time order status etc.
  • Usability Testing: Users today access ecommerce websites through a variety of devices: from PCs to laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Using EzTest, testers can check ecommerce sites for the UI and design and verify the purchase journey is quick and enjoyable that is important for ensuring customer engagement and retention.
  • Load Testing: Ensuring the ecommerce performs consistently and efficiently inspite of high user traffic is essential for the success of the website. Using simulation techniques, testers can set up performance labs and test the website under stress and also test the ecommerce site from different locations, thereby reducing latency. Load testing provides detailed server and client diagnostics, helping the testing team to take proactive measures to increase load tolerance.
  • Interoperability Testing: Any software that is developed needs to have flexibility to work seamlessly on different platforms without any issues. The EzTest tool tests ecommerce websites across devices, screen sizes and operating systems, ensuring a unified experience across platforms.
  • Performance Testing: Performance of the ecommerce website is a determining factor for the success of the brand. The EzTest tool enables testers to conduct Quality Assurance, verify the website performs uniformly well under all conditions and warrant that there are no bottlenecks. Ensuring the website performance is in good health, irrespective of the number of requests is paramount.

Continuous Optimization

With constant advances in technology, retailers are compelled to continually optimize their ecommerce business models to support current and future devices and technologies. Offering a seamless experience across devices and operating systems is the need of the hour. The EzTest framework ensures state-of-the-art ecommerce solutions that help retailers adapt to the Internet-savvy world and enjoy faster time-to-market, augmenting business outcomes across all spheres. To know more about eInfochips EzTest offering, read our white paper at this link.

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