Full-stack Development of IoT Home Security Solution

Executive Summary

The client is a billion dollar telecom player based out of the USA. eInfochips has been engaged with the client for eight years now and has developed the entire home automation platform, from device to cloud with feature upgrades as and when required. Over the years, as the number of users started increasing, it became difficult to scale. Hence, the client decided to upgrade the platform to the latest technical architecture that could be scaled to millions of users at minimal costs.

The new microservices based architecture developed with full stack expertise by eInfochips using NoSQL database and DevOps implementation, not only helped the client in reducing the release cycle time by 30%, but also helped in the achieving the desired scalability, catering to millions of users now.

Project Highlights

Full-stack Development of an IoT Home Security Solution
  • End-to-end development of the entire home automation platform
  • Subscriber and device management web portal development
  • Cross-platform mobile app development
  • DevOps implementation and Microservices architecture
  • PaaS implementation
  • Co-operative installations with other Digital Home Stacks
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