Full-Stack Development for Consumer Electronics

Executive Summary

The client is a leading consumer electronics company based in the USA. The client has multiple product variants of its Bluetooth and wireless speakers product category. They were losing market share due to a lack of new digital technology integrations with their products. Thus, the client was looking to integrate the digital assistant functionality into its range of speakers as well as use the device data to generate business insights.

eInfochips team with its full-stack development expertise helped the customer select Amazon Alexa after a detailed evaluation of other voice-based integrations. eInfochips team integrated Amazon Alexa with Bluetooth and wireless speakers range of products. eInfochips team also implemented AWS IoT to securely connect the speakers, gather data, and take intelligent actions locally even when the speakers are offline. eInfochips team created a microservices-based architecture, which was orchestrated with Docker, Kubernetes, and other DevOps tools to achieve deployment agility.

AWS IoT implementation also helped the customer onboard a large number of speakers enabling scalability while also maintaining their health. It also helped in analyzing customer interaction with speakers by integrating with various AWS IoT analytics and machine learning services. Besides, voice-enabled speaker functionality helped the customer gain competitive advantage and provide a better consumer experience.

Project Highlights

Full-Stack Development for Consumer Electronics
  • Amazon Alexa integration with Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers
  • AWS IoT implementation to perform intelligent actions locally
  • Microservices based architecture, Docker and Kubernetes orchestration
  • Speaker’s continuous health monitoring and scalability
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