Hardware Design Services

Product Design Engineering Services from Prototype – to – Production

Organizations invest heavily in R&D to strengthen the continuous improvement process for their products and differentiate better by providing additional product features. Hardware design is all about combining microcontroller/microprocessor, PCB, input devices (sensors etc.) and other electronic components in the most efficient way to get the desired output. It takes painstaking efforts and plays a very important role in each stage of product design, right from its conceptualization phase to prototype design to production-ready design.

eInfochips, an Arrow company, has designed and developed 500+ products by leveraging its 25+ years of experience in end-to-end product design engineering services. With a very strong ecosystem of partners, eInfochips is uniquely qualified to provide best-in-class hardware design engineering services to its clients from different industry segments such as Consumer electronics, Home and Industrial automation, Medical devices, Retail, Transport and Logistics, Security and Access control, and many more.

eInfochips help its customers in managing risk and mitigating obsolescence through supply chain, manufacturing, and managed service offerings. We provide advanced manufacturing services including industrial design, design for manufacturing, design for assembly, Rapid prototyping, layout, design for testing, packaging and order fulfillment. We also do provide hardware validation testing, environmental and reliability testing services.

Why eInfochips for Embedded Hardware Design Services?

Partnerships with leading silicon vendors

Prototype to production ownership; 35+ designs per year with 500+ total designs

FPGA based hardware designs

• Partnerships with leading platform providers (Nvidia, NXP, Qualcomm, Intel, Texas Instruments, Microsemi, Altera, Xilinx)

embedded hardware design services

In-house hardware, image tuning and wireless testing labs

Prototype to production

Strong expertise in IoT sensors, wireless standards, Design tolls, communication protocols, embedded SW

 quality embedded system design checklist

Arrow advantage for manufacturing -a network of 15+ Contract Manufacturers, 18 Facilities, 100 Manufacturing lines

Silicon Expert advantage for BoM optimization

ISO Compliance Design

ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485 and ISO16949 Compliance Design.

Service Offerings

  • Hardware design
    • Architecture and Design
    • Component Benchmarking, Selection and BoM Optimization
    • Hardware Prototype Development and Testing
    • Qualification and Certification
    • Prototype to Production design transfer to CMs with our Design to Manufacturing services
    • Re-Engineering, Sustenance and Component Obsolescence Management
  • Functional Test, Stress Test and EDVT
  • Mechanical/ Industrial design, enclosure design
  • Manufacturing services – Helping in lowering unit cost for high volume deployment


Reference Designs and EVMs

Accelerate your product prototypes and designs with our fully tested Reference Designs and EVMs.

Customer Success Stories

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