Microchip Microprocessor based Voice Controlled Mobile Computer

Executive Summary

The client was a startup based in the United States that develops voice-controlled wearable communication devices for the hourly workforce in the retail, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. They wanted to create a voice-controlled wearable computer device that connects the hourly workforce through a simple conversational interface and access their company’s enterprise system to check an item’s pricing, availability, etc in real-time. They were looking for an innovative partner with competencies ranging from product design to manufacturing experience that could understand their needs and deliver the most viable solution within the specified BOM prices.

eInfochips assisted the customer in developing a voice-controlled wearable computer device by utilizing its extensive product design to manufacturing expertise. eInfochips took complete responsibility for the product design, manufacturing, and certification support for the device and successfully decreased the product cost and product failure on the ground.

Project Highlights

  • Microchip ATSAMA5D27 Processor
  • Design to Manufacturing Support
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Integration
  • Mobile Application
  • Lessen device failure
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