February 2024

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Next-level audio innovation awaits – explore cutting-edge sensor selection, simplified firmware upgrades, premium audio solutions, and audio processing mastery.


Flexible Sensor Chip Selection for Audio Speaker

A famed audio empire was facing a component crisis due to global chip shortage. eInfochips rushed in, wielding wizardry to craft a versatile driver – backwards compatible, embracing various chips for flexibility. This magic bullet empowered our client to deftly navigate uncertain supply chains while delivering quality audio enchantment uninterrupted. But how did they conjure such sorcery?

Firmware and Kernel Upgrade across Variants of Smart Speaker System

A leading audio innovator hoped to evolve their smart speakers, craving the newest Android upgrade. But would their custom Qualcomm core sync?

eInfochips embraced the risky remix, adeptly porting the kernel and firmware while mastering each nuance – security, testing, validation. But how did eInfochips manifest such technical magic?

Firmware & Testing for Premium Audio Solutions

As energy infrastructure shifts, advanced battery management unlocks storage potential. NXP’s compliant ESS platform American loudspeaker company, crafting high-fidelity sound systems powered by Qualcomm’s premium Audio SoCs, faced a hidden challenge – a common firmware with functionality issues and performance limitations threatening to tarnish the company’s hard-earned reputation.

Seeking to unravel this mystery and restore audio excellence, the client turned to eInfochips, leveraging their firmware expertise and deep understanding of Qualcomm SoCs.


In the realm of digital data – audio holds untapped potential. Oscillograms and spectrograms reveal the secrets of sound, enabling eInfochips’ data science expertise to help organizations unlock audio analytics insights, driving industry transformation.

From the anatomy of the ear to the Digital Filter Model of the Basilar Membrane, demystifying the secrets behind real-time audio compression in codecs like MP3 and AAC.

Beyond your device’s surface lies an unseen audio hero – the Hardware-Offloaded Audio Processor. Stealthily harnessing dedicated chips, it seamlessly handles intensive audio tasks and lets your batteries exhale while still delivering audio bliss. But how does this mystery component access these hidden capabilities?

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