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Today, the surveillance industry has evolved beyond just monitoring. The recent advancements in technologies such as Edge AI, Sensor Fusion, and others have enabled businesses to deliver intelligent, autonomous systems that can predict and pre-empt actions, even while continuously monitoring the area. Intelligent security and surveillance solutions coupled with advanced access control devices ensure complete safety of people and assets at homes, workplaces, factories and single/multi-site businesses.

Security & surveillance solutions (on premise or cloud based) comprising various devices such as IP cameras, biometric access controls, business critical devices such as barcode scanners, speakers, & PoS systems not only help businesses in creating a highly safe and secure environment but also help them in improving their operational efficiency.

eInfochips has been a strategic partner for OEMs, Tier-1 firms and other organizations looking to build solutions in video surveillance, biometric security, and identity management. We have the infrastructure, processes, expertise and experience to deliver turnkey technology solutions, including surveillance cameras, NVR/DVR, video management, video analytics, and more.

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Security and Surveillance and Access Controls
    • Camera Design
    • Authentication and Access Control Systems
    • Video Management
    • Advanced Video Analytics
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