Flexible Sensor Chip Selection for Audio Speaker

Executive Summary

The client is a well-known American audio equipment manufacturer that makes home audio systems, speakers, noise-cancelling headphones, professional audio devices, and automobile sound systems. The global electronics industry has been struggling with a chip shortage since 2020, which has created manufacturing delays and made it more difficult to choose components for new designs. The customer was having problems sourcing chips for peripherals including charger ICs, fuel gauges, and tilt sensors during a high-demand period. They were searching for a partner that could assist them in dealing with a chip shortage and give the best cost-effective solution for their needs.

In these circumstances, eInfochips offered timely assistance for a backward compatible driver with various chip possibilities and a single IC selection in production.

Project Highlights

    • OnSemi LC709203/LC709209 Fuel Gauge
    • Bosch and Kionix Tilt Sensor
    • Existing Features Integration
    • Driver Implementation and Validation
    • Application Validation
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