Firmware & Testing for Premium Audio Solutions

Executive Summary

Our client is an American loudspeaker company produces loudspeaker drivers and enclosures, as well as complete loudspeakers for high-end, high-fidelity sound systems, public address applications, and personal computers. The client has multiple products based on Qualcomm’s Ultra-low power, premium-tier Audio SoCs (QCC3031, QCC3026, QCC512x) including High-def speakers with HDMI (ARC), Plug-n-Play Sound bar with proprietary acoustic technology, wireless and small headphones and earbuds. All these products were based on a common firmware that had few functionality issues and performance limitations. They were looking for an engineering partner who has firmware experience and a good understanding about Qualcomm SoCs.

eInfochips leveraging its experience on Qualcomm SoCs and Android, helped in firmware development, integration and testing across different variants.

Project Highlights

    • Multiple products Speakers, Soundbars, Headphones & Earbuds
    • Based on Qualcomm’s Audio SoCs QCC3031, QCC3026, QCC512x
    • High-def speakers with HDMI, proprietary acoustic technology
    • Low-power, Bluetooth 5.1
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