Intrinsic Safe Products: Applicable Standards and Electronic Design Considerations

Executive Summary Intrinsically Safe (IS) or “IS Safe Products” are products designed to operate in environments where there may be chances of explosion without becoming an ignition source or creating an explosion. Intrinsically Safe is the protection technique[1] that focuses on preventing sparks or hot spots that may cause explosion in a hazardous environment under […]

Design For Manufacturing – A sure-shot recipe for successful products

DFM is an innovative and unique approach to a product development lifecycle. It is implemented globally to build better products, lower production costs and improve the product design at a very early stage of product planning. What is Design for Manufacturing? DFM focuses on optimizing various stages of the manufacturing process. It focuses on implementing […]

Next-gen IP-based Door Controller Hardware & Software Development

Executive Summary The client is a Fortune 500 multinational conglomerate headquartered in Ireland and a leader in providing HVAC, fire, and security equipment. In the wake of a safe return to work and cyber security concerns, the client was looking to modernize the legacy 4-door access controller by re-designing the hardware control board with higher […]

Hardware Redesign for Next-Gen Sequencing System

Executive Summary The client is an American biotech company develops and manufactures gene sequencing systems. The company has developed proprietary technology to offer fast, highly accurate, inexpensive, and real-time biomolecules analysis for clinical, commercial, and institutional research laboratories. The client was designing next generation of their sequencing system and wanted to re-design their one of […]

Camera Image Tuning for Telematics Solution

Executive Summary The client is a leading provider of mobile computing platforms for fleet management. The solution consisted of a dual-vehicle camera system with capabilities to record driver behavior, monitor their driving patterns, and provide live vehicle tracking during their daily routes. The product was one-of-its-kind due to these advanced analytics. The client had a […]

Image Sensor Tuning for Distance Measuring Solution

Executive Summary Our client, a Swiss based company known for premium products and innovative solution development for diverse mix of industries, such as aerospace and defense, safety and security, construction, and manufacturing. With strong focus on precise and accurate instruments, sophisticated software, the client wanted to develop a next gen of LiDAR and imaging technology […]

Say Hello to the new era of interactivity – Next-gen voice-assisted solutions

Top Considerations for Wi-Fi Connectivity Testing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) enablement in consumer devices are fueling the shift toward voice applications. Connected devices such as smart automation consoles, home appliances, TV, and speakers make voice assistants more useful to users. Early adopters and technology leaders are focusing on enabling their next-gen own voice technology integrations to keep […]

Fire and Safety System Design for Industrial Development

Executive Summary The client is an American multinational conglomerate operating in building technologies and fire and safety solutions. The client wanted i.MX8 based fire panel development with a common HW and SW platform for all variants. Also, a networking solution that helps fire and safety devices to provide redundancy in communication along with maintaining cyber […]

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