eInfochips DC Fast Charger Reference Design – Brochure

Executive Summary

DC Fast Charging (DCFC) stations are a backbone to widespread EV adoption due to their ability to charge EV batteries in a matter of minutes. According to IEA, the number of fast chargers increased by 330,000 and accounted for more than 72% share of the global revenue in 2022.

eInfochips DCFC is compact yet powerful and built on the industry’s latest technologies and safety standards. It is an ideal choice for small and mid-sized commercial and public EV charging applications such as shopping malls, parking, retail outlets and offices etc. DCFC’s design is equipped to support OCPP1.6 for flexible integration with preferred CMS software, ISO15118 for bi-directional charging support, large HMI display for ease of use and flexible connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, RFID/NFC, Gigabit Ethernet for billing & payments and remote management.

eInfochips DCFC can be seamlessly integrated and remotely managed via eInfochips EVWER – A cloud-agnostic platform that offers a smart charging mobile app for EV drivers and a web-based charger management platform for charge point operators/service providers.

Our Services and Solutions

    • 10” Large HMI Display Notifications via LED and Speaker
    • Remote Management using EVWER
    • Ultra Compact Footprint Energy Metering Support
    • Built-in System Safety Mechanisms
    • OCPP 1.6J/ISO15118 Support for Smart Charging/V2G Applications
    • LED Indications Speaker Output (3W) for User Notifications
    • Supported Charging Standards-CCS1/CCS2
    • Power Ratings-30 kW / 60 A
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