Vision-based Pool Cleaning System

Executive Summary

The client is focused on smart, sustainable water solutions for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. They have a wide range of pool monitoring and cleaning solutions including a robotic cleaner that can go under water and clean the pool. The robotic cleaner also has a mobile application for remote operation and monitoring. The client wanted the next-gen product to have intelligent automation and features such as vision-based underwater debris detection. They wanted an engineering partner to help with platform evaluation, algorithm evaluation, porting and optimization.

Leveraging strong experience on platforms and algorithm porting, eInfochips successfully evaluated off-the shelf object detection algorithms, selected, customized and trained one for under water detection and optimized it to meet the stringent footprint requirement.

Project Highlights

    • Sensor-based underwater debris detection system
    • Proof of Concept and Benchmarking
    •  Algorithm evaluation and optimization
    •  Data Annotation and training
    • Footprint optimization
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