A Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Managed Services

Executive Summary

CloudOps is the practice of optimizing the IT services and workloads that run on the public cloud platform. CloudOps is about maintaining and monitoring the cloud, after deployment. Cloud operations includes the continuous improvement of business processes and functions for optimization in availability, flexibility, and efficiency of the cloud services that the business relies on to function properly.

CloudOps – an often neglected part of Cloud Migration

It may seem that with all the monitoring tools, CloudOps is just about managing and monitoring the cloud services through a smartphone. However, the actual scenario is quiet rudimentary. Earlier there were hardly any migration and cloud native strategy that was meeting the existent workload and security requirements, as well as no strategy to scale according to the future needs of the business. If we consider the recent application workloads, they are proactive, which works well with the cloud system. This was not the case with the earlier workloads.

Due to this, the same team that was handling datacenter operations now handles cloud operations, without making required changes.

Thus, to ensure a smooth functioning of the cloud systems, many enterprises also prefer to hand it over to cloud managed service provider (MSP).

This is a buyer’s guide on things to consider while hiring a cloud managed service provider.

Project Highlights

  • Introduction to CloudOps
  • CloudOps – an often neglected part of Cloud Migration
  • Why Cloud Managed Service Provider
  • Things to consider while choosing a Cloud Managed Service Provider
  • A Case in Point: Cloud Monitoring and Optimization for Consumer Electronics
  • Conclusion
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