Whitepaper : Applying DevOps Strategy to Manage Cloud Infrastructure

Executive Summary

The buck stops here. CloudOps

The cloud pie worth US$146 billion in 2017 (Forrester) is large enough for small and mid-scale enterprises to find their own profitable niche. Based on eInfochips direct experience with cloud solution clients, success in this market depends less on having deep pockets than having a culture which celebrates business agility, data-driven decision-making, collaboration and efficiency. In this white paper, we have discussed that enterprises can spin up cloud applications way faster if they adopt and instill the CloudOps culture within their organizations, which extends the DevOps principles of continuous operations, monitoring and improvement to cloud. Getting operations right is key to success in cloud, especially in an IoT era where data from each device is relayed to cloud to be further combined with data from other devices, with interactions across multiple clouds.

Project Highlights

  • Fire up your apps across Multiple Clouds for Device, Web and Mobile
  • Think beyond Applications!
  • Extend the scope of Continuous Monitoring with Device, Service, Infrastructure and Environment-specific Monitoring
  • Achieve faster time-to-market, and 24x7x365 availability of business applications
  • Gain the flexibility to offer Full Stack Services as well as Microservices
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