Tableau Consulting

The need to capture, integrate, analyze and visualize the structured/unstructured data is no longer disputed. New advancements are seen from data warehouses adapting virtualization to focus on analysing data on-the-fly and simultaneously focus is shifting to tools delivering easy, fast and interactive visualization.

Business users need more empowerment with insights, but, without the queue delays from IT team or transition gaps. Tableau is a tool matching these expectations with highly intuitive, visual-based data discovery, dashboarding, and data mashup capabilities, and all of this is conceivable without extensive training/skills requirements.

eInfochips’ Tableau Expertise

  • Team of Tableau consultants with multi-project implementation experience
  • Report and Dashboard development using data visualization best practices
  • Custom Tableau Portal Design
  • Analytics rendering with Tableau Desktop and Collaborative/Mobile BI with Tableau Server
  • Cloud/On-premise Tableau deployment and maintenance

Our Service Offerings

eInfochips is a premier Tableau alliance partner for integrating Tableau capabilities to vertical industry solutions across Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, and the Healthcare. eInfochips brings over 20+ years of experience across these industry delivering end-to-end engineering services.

eInfochips differentiates with its capability to ensure a single stop solution for all phases of data lifecycle, including:

  • Structured/Unstructured Data capture and integration from devices, applications and legacy systems
  • Legacy system customization, migration and application refactoring
  • Data warehousing, Data Marts, Metadata Management, ETL
  • Design for Big Data Scalability and High-Availability
  • Multi-domain master data management (MDM) – Legacy systems, transactional, Unstructured Device Data, Web, and Social
  • Advanced analytics including Embedded Analytics (PMML and R-based models), OLAP, Statistical, Predictive Analytics, Text Analytics, Sentiment Analytics
  • Interactive Dashboard, Ad-hoc Reports, Mobile BI, Self-Service and Collaborative BI, Geospatial Visualization, What-If Modeling

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