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Organizations from every industry are looking to increase automation to improve processes, efficiency, and safety. From repetitive tasks on the factory floor to activities in agriculture, logistics, hospitality, and more, the use of autonomous machines/robots is changing how business gets done. An autonomous machine or a robot use a sophisticated set of sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and compute for path planning to interpret and navigate through their environment. They use a navigation technique like collision avoidance to slow, stop, or reroute their path around the object and then continue with their task. Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, Retail and Smart Cities are key verticals who have invested significantly in autonomous machines deployment.

The ST Partner Program helps customers reduce development effort and accelerate time to market, by enhancing the ecosystem around ST’s broad product portfolio. With strong focus on IoT devices, eInfochips has joined the ST Partnership program to enable next-gen IoT products for their end clients.

eInfochips Services on STM32 Microcontrollers

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Accelerating potential every day


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We are surrounded by connected devices and they have become part of your daily lives.


Digital Transformation in Agriculture

Understanding and addressing the challenges Reasons for low technology adoption are rooted across the layers

Case Study

Vision-based Pool Cleaning System

Executive Summary The client is focused on smart, sustainable water solutions for residential, commercial and

Case Study

Wi-Fi Connectivity Testing for Robotic Lawnmowers

Executive Summary The client is a world’s leading technology group and solution provider in the

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