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eInfochips has been leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and DevOps based automation to optimize regression testing cycles and forecast requirements for enterprises across various industries. eInfochips is also using NLP for Voice Assistants testing.

eInfochips has now partnered with Tricentis. Tricentis Tosca is the #1 Continuous Testing platform that accelerates testing with a script-less, AI-based, no-code approach for end-to-end test automation. With support for over 160+ technologies and enterprise applications, Tosca provides resilient test automation for any use case. eInfochips expertise in Products and IoT Testing along with Tricentis’ Continuous Testing platform enables customers to reap the benefits of Agile, DevOps and AI in a connected digital ecosystem. This in turn helps our customers innovate faster and optimize costs.

How we work together

Artificial Intelligence for Product and IoT Testing

eInfochips leverages Tricentis tools providing unique business value by embedding AI in Product as well as IoT testing and powering customers with next gen AI driven test automation.

End to End Test Automation

eInfochips IoT test automation framework covering device, web and mobile combined with Tricentis end to end continuous testing covering API, UI, databases, BI solutions, programming languages and packaged applications, provides overall test coverage leading to accelerated release cycles and improved quality.

Consulting & Implementation

eInfochips Tosca Automation specialists and certified practitioners provide Tosca consulting after evaluating the test infrastructure through a planned assessment. We also help customers create a PoC (Proof of Concept) before investing in building a continuous testing infrastructure. We assist in deploying Tosca providing rapid creation of resilient tests with MBTA (Model-based Test Automation).

Agile Test Management

eInfochips Test specialists are skilled at Agile Test management with Tricentis qTest. qTest offers a suite of Agile testing tools designed to improve efficiency and ensure collaboration to release the best software.

  • qTest Manager – Agile test management
  • qTest Explorer – Exploratory Testing Recorder & Documentation Tool
  • qTest Insights – Actionable, Real-time Test Metrics/Enterprise Dashboards
  • qTest Launch – Centralized Test Automation management
  • qTest Scenario – Enterprise BDD for Jira
  • qTest Pulse – Tool communication automation within a DevOps pipeline

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