Texas Instruments

eInfochips is a Platinum Design House partner of Texas Instruments. Our partnership of over 15 years has provided innovative product development solutions in key industry vertical markets for a global customer base. The core strength of eInfochips is in TI technologies including various Multi-core (DSP + ARM) processors, Digital Media (DM), ARM Processors, Microcontrollers, Analog – Mix Signals & other linear peripherals, Logic, and Power supply Management (PMIC). eInfochips has provided solutions on an entire range of DSP right from early ones like DM642, DM6446 to more recent ones including Edison, Lamarr and Hawking. Most of these EVMs are also designed and manufactured by eInfochips.

Being a platinum design partner, eInfochips has early access to various TI processor families and other technologies which gives it an edge in developing innovative products in a short time. This gives eInfochips substantia leverage in making robust designs with newer platforms as well.

eInfochips’ Texas Instruments Expertise

  • Top 5 TI’s Platinum Design House Partner
  • TI’s Top 2 Worldwide Partner for Multi-core Platforms
  • TI’s Top 5 Worldwide Partner for TIDaVinci Technology

eInfochips has executed 100+ innovative
product design projects around various
TI processor families including

C6000 Multicore DSP

C6474L, C6472, C6457, C6701, C6204, C6205

OMAP Processors

OMAP L138, OMAP3530, OMAP3525
OMAP 4430, OMAP 4460

KeyStone Multicore Processors

TMS320C6657, TCI6630K2L, 66AK2Ex, AM5K2Ex, TCI6636K2H etc along with latest platforms


DaVinci Processor

DM642, DM355, DM365, DM335, DM385,DM368, DM6467, DM6446, DM648, DM6437,DM6435, DM8127, DM8148, DM8168


Sitara Microprocessors

AM3517, AM3505, AM1808, AM335x, AM4x, AM5x

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