eInfochips has strategic partnership with Synopsys that enables eInfochips to gains early access to Synopsys’ latest EDA tools developed for each stage of the semiconductor cycle including Verification, Physical design, and Design of Testability. eInfochips’ semiconductor team is trained on the latest tool chain features, technologies and IPs for optimum design.


As an EDA partner, eInfochips has also helped in development, verification and sustenance of design and verification IPs. eInfochips have also successfully integrated design IPs and verification IPs in ASICs for leading semiconductor companies leveraging following tools:

As a part of “Turnkey Lab” initiative, eInfochips plans to offer comprehensive spec to silicon(ASIC/FPGA) design and development offerings from its Dedicated Design Centre. eInfochips has expertise on Synopsys tool chain across different stages of semiconductor engineering design cycle.


  • DC Ultra, Design Vision
  • HDL Compiler


  • Formality,
  • VCS

Physical Design

  • ICC2, StarRC, IC Validator & Compiler
  • PrimeRail, PrimeTime SI
  • Formality, RedHawk

Design for Testability

  • DFTMAX, DFT Compiler
  • TetraMAX, DVE, STAR

Get a complete implementation of the proven VMM verification methodology for SystemVerilog standards.