TMS320C6472 – EVM Custom Software Product Development

TMS320C64x+ DSPs are the highest-performance multicore DSP generation in the TMS320C6000™ DSP platform. TMS320C6472 device is based on the third-generation high-performance, advanced VelociTI™ VLIW architecture developed by Texas Instruments (TI). C64x+™ devices are upward code-compatible with previous devices that are part of the C6000™ DSP platform. Developed by eInfochips, the C6472 Evaluation Module (with AMC like form factor) enables developers to immediately start evaluating TMS320C6472 processor and begin building application products around it especially those demanding high-performance computation like video & telecom infrastructures, medical and imaging.



The TMDSEVM6472 comes with on board XDS100 emulation capability. An external emulator via TI-60 pin JTAG emulation header can also be used.


The TMDSEVM6472LE comes with integrated XDS560v2 emulation capability. This emulator is mounted on the TI 60-pin JTAG header in the form of a Mezzanine card.

TI_C6472LE_EVM (1new)

Hardware Features
  • One Fixed-Point Multicore (6 C64x+ Cores) C6472 DSP
  • 256MB of 533MHz DDR2
  • 128 MB NAND Flash
  • 1Mb I2C EEPROM for local boot (remote boot possible)
  • Two Ethernet ports supporting 10/100/1000 Mbps data
  • UART ( RS232 level) on 3-Pin header or UART over USB mini-B
  • 170 pin B+ style AMC Interface.
  • Single wide AMC like form factor (7.11” x 2.89”)
  • AMC expansion for SRIO, TSIP, EMAC, and I2C
  • GPIO, McBSP, Timer, FSYNC, UART and I2C signals on 80-pin test header for HPI Daughter card
  • Powered by DC power-brick adaptor (12V/2.5A) or AMC Carrier back-plane
  • Module Management Controller (MMC) for Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
  • On-Board XDS100 type Emulation using USB 2.0 interface and TI 60-Pin JTAG header to support external emulation (for TMDSEVM6472 only).
  • High Speed Integrated XDS560v2 Mezzanine Emulator (for TMDSEVM6472LE only)
  • 2 User programmable LEDs and 2 User programmable DIP Switches
  • 8 I2C controlled LEDs
  • RoHS Compliant Design
Software Features
  • Code Composer Studio™ version 4 (CSv4)
  • Board Support Library (BSL)
  • EVM boot loader package
  • Chip Support Library
  • Network Development Kit (NDK)
  • Out of Box (OOB) Demonstration Software
Kit Content
  • TMS320C6472 Evaluation Module
  • Integrated XDS560v2 Emulator (for TMDSEVM6472LE only).
  • Power supply and power cord and universal adaptor
  • USB cable for JTAG emulation
  • 3-pin to 9-pin serial cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Software (DVD)


The EVM board hardware and software versions can be identified as follows

PCA REV  PCB REV  SW REV  Description
Hardware Software
18-00065-02 17-00065-02 SW Rev2.0 Production build:Released in October-2009

  • Modified TSIP connections to AMC edge connector
  • Addition of Reset control from AMC carrier
Production build:Released in SDK 1.1

  • NAND flashed with COFF file of Out-Of-Box Demo
  • NAND boot loader with COFF loader implementation
  • POST
18-00065-04 17-00065-04 SW Rev 3.0 Production build:Released in March-2010

  • Differential AMC Telecom clock input supported
Production build:Released in SDK 3.0

  • POST updated for EMAC boot implementation


18-00065-05 17-00065-05 SW Rev 4.0
Production build:Released in July-2010

  • Support for XDS560v2 Emulator
Production build:Released in SDK 4.0

  • POST updated for EMAC boot in both stand-alone mode and when inserted in uTCA chassis for both LE and BE configuration.


18-00065-06 17-00065-06 SW Rev 5.0
Production build:Released in December-2010

  • NAND access through GPIO only, removed NFC from FPGA.
Production build:Released in MCSK v1.0

  • Updated the POST to give board info on console.


PCA – Printed Circuit Assembly; PCB – Printed Circuit Board

Resources – TI C6472 EVM Support

This page contains the latest support documentation and software components for the C6472 EVM. For C6472 EVM support related questions, please send us an email at


EVM Documents Version 06

TMDSEVM6472 Quick Setup Guide

Quick steps to setup the EVM

TMDSEVM6472LE Quick Setup Guide

Quick steps to setup the EVM


Technical reference manual describing EVM hardware

C6472 EVM Schematics PDF

Schematics in PDF format.

C6472 EVM Schematics (in .dsn format)

Orcad design file.

C6472 EVM Gerber

Gerber layout package


PCB BRD file

C6472 EVM Bill of Materials

Listing of build components

C6472 EVM Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and comments from EVM users.

C6472 EVM Known Issues

TMDSEVM6472 Known Issues

EVM Software Development Kit Version 06


Multicore Software Development Kit including Board Support Library, Boot Loader Package, NDK, GEL files, C6472 EVM support files for CCS v4 and Demonstration software.

EVM FPGA Contents Version 06


FPGA STP file.


RTL Code Verilog files.

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