Touchless Fingerprint Recognition System for a Leading Biometrics Company

Executive Summary

The client is a leading Europe-based multinational company with more than 60,000 employees located in almost every major continent. Being a market leader in security and identity solutions, the client came with a new prototype for a touchless fingerprint recognition system which would allow users to gain access to secured systems by simply waving their hands rather than struggling with precise finger impact. The contact-less access solution, was thus, heralded as a safer, hygienic and more practical way to analyze biometic information since it could capture fingerpint data of all four fingers, accurately, within a fraction of a second of exposure unlike contact systems which require much more time to capture fingerprints.

The client was looking for a partner to develop its full-fledged access control terminal thus, bringing the touchless fingerprint recognition concept to a wider market. It chose eInfochips to accelerate the concept-to-reality cycle owing to its vast experience as a pure play product development company, with 25 deployed IPs across the security & surveillance solution chain. eInfochips owing to its years of experience in biometric access control solutions, was able to take end-to-end responsibility at all stages including development, documentation, qualification and testing of the terminal.

Project Highlights

    • Breakthrough, Contact-less Access
    • Fastest Fingerpint Recognition
    • Recognition – High Accuracy Levels
    • Safe & Hygienic – an Innovative Idea
    • FBI Certified
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