OT-IT Integration for a Shipping Fleet Operator

Executive Summary

The client is one of the biggest and leading conglomerates in South Asia with a revenue of $2bn. Their businesses include shipbuilding, dockyard, commodities, and various manufacturing business divisions. The client has a fleet of 300 vessels involved in offloading cargo from larger mother vessels and delivering it to the nearby shore.

The client was monitoring the vessel movements like fuel level and route tracking manually, which resulted in low operational and fuel efficiency. Fuel pilferage was also a critical issue. The client approached eInfochips to create a solution to improve route visibility, equipment efficiencies, and minimizing fuel theft through OT-IT integration & cloud analytics.

eInfochips built a solution that enabled home ports to track routes taken by the vessels throughout the course of the journey – obtaining near real-time, remote vessel tracking, fuel monitoring, and operational control.

Project Highlights

OT-IT Integration for a Shipping Fleet Operator
  • IBM Watson Powered
  • Location Tracking
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Fuel Theft Detection
  • KPI Dashboards
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