Smart Connected Water Meter Development and Cloud Enablement

Executive Summary

The client is the UK based leading IoT and digital solutions provider that offers connected solutions for various industry verticals. They design off-the-shelf custom-build IoT solutions for various business use cases including asset condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, power management to achieve desired outcomes in industrial, construction, transportation, and retail space.

The client wanted to develop an innovative water management solution for utilities and consumers to get insights on water usage, detect water leakages, and reduce per capita water consumption across UK households. The client was looking for a turnkey solution design partner for developing edge to cloud solution components along with an ML model to learn water usage signatures and detect leak sources.

eInfochips helped the client develop a connected water meter solution with a technology platform stack spanning device, connectivity, cloud, and mobile application layers. This will benefit utilities and households with effective water metering, secure usage monitoring, control, regulatory compliance, and overall system TCO optimization at scale.

Project Highlights

Smart Connected Water Meter Development and Cloud Enablement
  • Turnkey solution development – device, connectivity, mobile app, and cloud layers
  • Microsoft Azure for IoT, remote device management and edge intelligence infrastructure
  • Azure ML models to learn water usage signature of each source
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