Understanding AUTOSAR Architecture and AUTOSAR COMSTACK

Executive Summary

Software development in the automotive industry differs from other domains/platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux, and web applications. In the automotive industry, software development is dedicated to the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that meet different standards of security, safety, and MISRA coding guidelines. However, the reusability of this developed software is a big challenge. At present, cars have more than a hundred ECUs and each of them may comprise thousands of lines of codes and functions. All this must be revised from scratch when the hardware (microcontroller, sensors, communication protocol, and interface) is changed because software development is highly platform/hardware dependent. Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) standard helps overcome this problem. In this Whitepaper, we talk about AUTOSAR architecture and understand the AUTOSAR ComStack, irrespective of any protocol (CAN, LIN, and Ethernet), and also discuss the different modules required and their roles in ComStack. We also delve deeper into the configuration of each module from the service layer to MCAL and address the basic configuration for each module. The whitepaper gives you a detailed idea of the configuration of CAN ComStack of the modules and the type of configuration they need at different layers and an overview of the multi-protocol stack.

Project Highlights

Understanding AUTOSAR Architecture and AUTOSAR COMSTACK
    • Autosar
    • Communication Stack (ComStack)
    • CAN Communication Stack (CAN ComStack)
    • Multi-Protocol Communication (LIN/CAN)
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