Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for Crash Avoidance Systems

Executive Summary

Concept of Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication

In recent years, as an instance of vehicular ad-hoc network, the telematics integrating the utility of telecommunications and informatics has dramatically promoted the development of wireless communications in vehicular environment, intelligent transportation system, and automotive electronics industry. The further extension of WAVE (Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments) technology is dedicated short range communication (DSRC). These networks are characterized by rapidly changing topologies and shorter connection lifetime, and one of the most essential goals of the emerging DSRC based V2V communication standards is to enable road safety applications that can save thousands of lives. Safety-related applications are primarily geared toward avoiding the risk of car accidents such as cooperative collision warning, lane change, emergency vehicle approaching warning, pre-crash sensing, traffic violation warning.

Project Highlights

This whitepaper discusses the testing of a prototype implementation of a complete vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication system, and how road safety can be enhanced by the deployment of wireless communication technologies to activate new services such as collision prediction, traffic management and further communication facilities between nearby moving vehicles. The purpose of the prototype is to prove feasibility of V2V to improve safety of transportation systems.
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