EIC Digital

Bringing Machines Closer to Humans

Improved Patient Care

Azure based platform for connected ultrasound devices to measure systolic heart function

Remote device management, mobile device UI and AI driven insights for improved diagnosis and care for patients

Technology: Cloud, ML

Industry: Medical Devices

Enhanced Asset Reliability

Industrial field device monitoring at 100+ plants using Azure, real-time rule-based alerts

Diverse field assets – ovens, HVAC systems, air compressors

Dashboard-based map views for location, enterprise level insights

Technology: Cloud, UI/UX, Analytics

Industry: Industrial

Boosting Equipment Availability

99.95% application uptime within the first quarter of managing CloudOps

Continuous availability of 15000+ connected fuel dispensers

Supported on-device advertising content management

Technology: Cloud

Industry: Oil & Gas

Rationalized Cloud Spend

Supported 3X increase in connected camera deployments at 20% reduced cloud TCO

Significantly improved application performance with microservices based containerized architecture using AWS EKS

Technology: Cloud

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Reduced Operating Cost

Reduced TCO by 40% using Azure based IoT platform for 20,000+ dessert blender network

Activated additional revenue streams with custom promotional display on smart blender

Technology: Cloud, ML

Industry: Food & Beverage

Reduced Field Service Cost

30% service calls resolved remotely for 42M+ live connected edges featuring 80+ sensor types resulting in reduced truck-roll costs.

Technology: Cloud, DevOps

Industry: Telecom

Personalized UX, Better Asset Health

Hyper personalized CX on ovens with voice enabled, smart assisted cooking using ML technologies for food detection, face recognition and voice control

Improved energy efficiency (20%) and extended product life (130%).

Technology: Cloud, ML

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Improved Smart Home Control

Developed 360º CX for subscriber mobile application (2M+ deployments) with enterprise system and third-party application integration.

Technology: Full-stack development

Industry: Home Automation

Seamless Baby Monitoring On-The-Go

Enabled 250k+ deployments of mobile applications(IOS, Android) for video-based baby monitoring including features like cloud- based video storage, motion detection etc.

Technology: Full-stack development

Industry: Home automation

Digital Transformation Services

Big Data Analytics

  • Big Data Platform Assessment
  • Big Data Architecture Design & Development
  • Data Migration, Acquisition, Aggregation & Analytics
  • Business Intelligence

Machine Learning

  • Algorithm Development
  • Performance Optimization
  • Computer Vision & NLP
  • Data Annotation


  • Threat Modeling
  • Vulnerability Assessment &
    Penetration Testing
  • Edge-Cloud-Web-Mobile Security
  • Security Operations
    Center (SOC)


  • RPA Consulting
  • RPA Indsutry Specific
  • RPA CoE , Level-1/Level-2 RPA Support
  • Cognitive RPA


  • Blockchain Platform
    Assessment, PoC
  • Blockchain Networks/
    Smart Contracts Design &
  • Industry Specific Workflow
    Creation using Blockchain
  • Enterprise Integration

Digital Foundation Services


  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Cloud Operations/ Managed Services
  • Cloud Security


  • Build & Deployment Automation
  • Microservices, Containerization
  • Continuous Testing, QAOps
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Application Development

  • Full Stack Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • UI/UX Design & Development
  • e-commerce Portal Development
Thought Leadership

Digital Partnerships

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ISG is a leading global technology research and advisory firm committed to helping corporations, public sector organizations, and service and technology providers achieve operational excellence and faster growth. The ISG™ Digital Case Study Awards are given to service providers as a testament to their best-in-class digital transformation work with enterprise customers. These are highly coveted awards and are well-respected by the CXO community across industries and geographies.

We have received these awards for pathbreaking work in digital transformation for our clients. Our solutions for our clients in healthcare, and energy & utilities helped them achieve superior business outcomes.

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