IoT and Cloud Solution for Remote Blender Management

Executive Summary

The client is a US-based food & beverages company which makes and markets authentic milkshakes, smoothies, and blended frozen beverages across 20,000+ locations, globally, across convenient stores, colleges & universities, theaters, and military bases.

The client’s existing blender platform had limitations in terms of functionality, remote diagnostics, and scaling to newer markets. The client wanted to develop an integrated next gen IoT platform to improve blender reliability and connectivity and enable business scaling.

eInfochips’ designed and developed Azure based next generation IoT management platform, blender operating system, data storage, and retailer portal solution with real-time control of client’s blenders. The integrated solution included blender OS, cloud storage and management and blender portal. The IoT solution improved the reliability of the blender and enabled the client to have real-time access to the blender data, including blender screen content, devices & users, diagnostics, predictive analytics, etc.

Project Highlights

  • Azure cloud native IoT platform design and development
  • Blender OS
  • 20,000+ Connected Blenders
  • Cloud Storage and Management
  • A Blender Portal
  • ISG Digital Case Study Awards™ 2021
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