Cloud Monitoring and Optimization for Consumer Electronics

Executive Summary

The client is a leading, US-based provider of smart home products. The client had a multi-million dollar AWS infrastructure with 13m devices across four geographies and over 4000 servers on AWS. However, the client was facing high infrastructure costs as they scaled. The Cloud Security was loosely implemented and they were facing higher time to market due to manual deployments and lack of incident management process. Also, there was a lack of application monitoring with only infrastructure monitoring in place and there was no Backup and Disaster recovery strategy.

eInfochips team provided cloud managed services to the customer with application/infrastructure management and monitoring services on AWS. The team also carried out a cloud optimization assessment on five pillars namely Cost, Security, Performance Efficiency, Operational Excellence and Reliability, and came up with an implementation plan to improve on various KPIs related to these five pillars. The team has implemented the recommendations on above parameters and saw an improvement on various metrics in six months. The client was able to achieve Uptime up to 99.95% with zero critical alarms. With this, the customer was able to realize 100% deployment success with 85% build efficiency gain.

Project Highlights

  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Cloud Optimization Assessment
  • Improved Cost, Security, Performance Efficiency, Operational Excellence and Reliability
  • 95 % Uptime
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