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Executive Summary

eInfochips Conxero provides integrated, streamlined, and ready-to-deploy platforms and solutions, while enabling a digital-first mindset and promoting the adoption of new business models. It provides comprehensive support for everything from device to cloud with integrated plug-and-play components.

eInfochips Conxero is a set of 3000+ assets comprising services, solutions, and platforms that enables companies to evolve their connected products into the cloud and accelerate their digital transformation journey while scaling their cloud-enabled products or services.

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Edge Evolve – Brochure
    • A Set of 3000+ Assets Comprising Services, Solutions and Platforms Accelerating Digital Transformation
    • The Conxero Stack
    • Conxero Architected through Accelerators and Assets
    • A Strong Track Record of Delivering Conxero Accelerated Engagements
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