High-Speed PCB Design- Layer Stack-Up, Material Selection, and Via Types

High-Speed PCB Design- Layer Stack-Up, Material Selection, and Via Types

This blog describes practical guidelines for High-Speed embedded hardware designers to enhance technical skills further on top of Engineer’s basics knowledge of Electronics, PCB design & manufacturing. It helps to answer several decisions making questions during the design phase regarding PCB material type, layout complexity & prediction of challenges, which can impact the product pricing […]

Selecting open-source code for LLDP: lldpd vs openlldp

Selecting Open-source Code for LLDP: lldpd vs openlldp

If you want to integrate LLDP protocol in your Linux/Embedded system, there are mainly two open-source codes. The first is lldpd and the other is openlldp. When I needed to integrate the LLDP in my network device, I studied both open-source codes. I am writing this article hoping that it will be useful for others […]

Speech Processing Model in Embedded Media Processing

Speech and Audio processing both deal with audible data, although the range of frequencies that the Speech processing caters to is from 20 Hz to 4 kHz, whereas the range of frequencies that the Audio processing caters to is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. There’s one major difference between Speech and Audio processing: the […]

Cybersecurity of IoMT Devices – What Healthcare Professional Should Know

Cybersecurity of IoMT Devices- What Healthcare Professional Should Know

As medical devices are directly connected to patients and have a direct impact on patient’s care, these devices must be protected from cyber threats. Unsecured medical devices with open vulnerabilities are prone to cyber threats and an easy target for hackers. With a large number of medical devices in use and FDA regulations to reduce […]

Immersive Technologies Are Making Us Superheroes!

Immersive technologies are making us superheroes

Believe it or not but one can start the day by doing Yoga and enjoying tranquil seascapes and sunrise from the top of an Indonesian mountain, attend an interactive meeting at client premises in the USA, visit Mars during your lunch break, spend leisure time at SKY lounge of Burj Khalifa, roam around a jungle-clad […]

5G Drones – Eye In The Sky – Helping To Fight Against COVID-19


In the current situation of a global pandemic, staying connected is important but also difficult. Customers, companies, and governments around the world started using drones for things that they had not thought of before. Talking about drones, the impact of 5G technology on advanced drone applications cannot be overstated. 5G is touching all aspects of […]

Azure IoT Platform for Building Smart Cities

Why do we need smart cities? The purpose of transforming cities is to improve the quality of life by harnessing technology like IoT, AI, and Machine Learning algorithms. Technology integration is one of the key challenges in developing smart cities.  Microsoft with its Azure-powered solutions like Azure Sphere and Azure IoT Hub helping organizations and […]

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