Embedded Systems Engineering

Embedded Systems engineering has witnessed a phenomenal growth from an earlier era of micro-controllers to latest technological advances in devices, processors, sensors and protocols. This has created a huge market for sophisticated end applications such as wearable devices, smart home appliances, 3D printers, self-driving cars and so much more. Stiff competition and commoditization is forcing players to develop and launch new products and solutions.

eInfochips works as a co-development partner for many product companies, across multiple industry verticals, requiring custom services in embedded systems development. Our focus on engineering innovation and excellence enabled us to realize many product designs and solutions for our clients.


With over two decades of experience in system verification & validation (V&V) and test bench development, eInfochips enables embedded companies to build compelling IP products with confidence. We have in-depth expertise in testing diverse systems for functional behavior, working with all leading automation tools and have developed in-house tools like EZTest™ to reduce manual effort while pursuing aims of zero defect in product design. eInfochips has worked on validation projects for a number of verticals including aerospace, security, surveillance, networking, medical, consumer electronics, data storage, home automation, and industrial applications.


eInfochips has developed system software for several Fortune 100 companies addressing their key challenges of performance and efficiency. Our expertise spans system architecture and hardware/software partitioning, BSP, driver and firmware development, OS porting and customization, performance tuning, embedded UI design and usability engineering, among others. We have a dedicated software engineering group which monitors strict quality and coding guidelines, reports and tracks project risks and recommends mitigation plans in consultation with subject matter experts.


eInfochips has a highly accomplished practice in hardware design spanning industrial equipment, PCB board design, IoT solution server infrastructure, video processing, reference designs (e.g. for cameras), sensors, MEMS, DSPs and programmable devices. eInfochips has expertise in latest design tools, certifications, high speed interfaces, wireless technologies like ZigBee, Bluetooth, GSM/Wi-Fi, NFC, RFID and more. Our hardware engineering capabilities range from small footprint, power-focused products to high end, rugged server systems.

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