Smart Audio Solution for Next-Gen Sound Bar

Executive Summary

The client, a US-based consumer electronics manufacturer, found Qualcomm® QCS4XX SoC as the most appropriate platform for their sleekest next-gen sound bar. The customer already has an active engagement with eInfochips for sustaining and enhancing the existing product portfolio. They were aiming to leverage the existing platform, based on an audio processor from Analog Devices, and migrate it to Qualcomm® QCS4XX platform mainly for two reasons, to have Dolby Atmos support and to reduce the BOM cost. The client sought a design partner with prior experience in delivering solutions based on Qualcomm® platforms and support them with firmware development, testing, audio enablement for their sound bar. The smart audio device, packed with the latest technologies, runs on Linux. It supports Wi-Fi, BT, low-latency music streaming, and also offers hands-free access through voice assistants.

After evaluating the client’s requirement specification document, eInfochips captured all functional and non-functional requirements and proposed a complete solution. eInfochips delivered a smart audio solution based on Qualcomm® QCS4XX and supported the client with firmware development, testing, audio enablement for a next-gen sound bar.

Project Highlights

Smart Audio Solution for Next-Gen Sound Bar
  • Based on Qualcomm® QCS4XX SoC
  • Linux OS Support
  • Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Low-latency Music Streaming with Improved Power Performance
  • Hands-free Access through Voice Assistants
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