December 2023

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Discover the secrets behind highly effective AI/ML implementations with our in-depth engineering brochure, case studies and resources.


AI/ML Engineering Services – Brochure

🤖 AI is transforming companies across industries – from retail insights to smart city innovation. As organizations implement complex AI tech spanning the edge to cloud, they need an expert guide. We’re the AI partner you need, providing end-to-end services to strategize, architect, integrate and manage AI systems seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Our turnkey ML solutions and MLOps services accelerate your AI success.

AI-Enhanced Edge Computer And Sensor Units For A Camper

🌿🤖🤝Picture a retractable camper, your smart home on wheels, powered by NVIDIA® Jetson™ Orin NX. We packed the smarts into Jetson Orin NX with 7 networked sensor units so campers can focus on family, not electronics. From souped up circuit boards to slick enclosures, we provided the brains and brawn for this decked out home on wheels. Now hitting the road in style is as easy as pushing a button.

FDA Approved AI-assisted Handheld Ultrasound Scanner Testing

➡️Our client, an ultrasound leader, tapped our expertise to fine-tune their AI system for error-free imaging. With tricky images that can distort diagnoses, we engineered a test automation framework to yield crisp visuals. Now doctors can feel confident identifying issues while patients benefit from swift and accurate scans. Our QA boosts customer satisfaction while ensuring this diagnostic tool stands out from the rest.🤝📑⬇️


AI is racing to overhaul electric motor design with faster speeds, greater savings, and optimized efficiency. But will these turbo-charged tools stall innovation?


Quantum computers are way faster than regular ones – by millions of times. Their huge speed lets them process data in new ways old computers can’t.


Forget boring airports – the future of flights runs on AI. The aerospace industry now relies on AI in many areas, from easier manufacturing to better customer service. But with safety so important in aerospace, can AI really fly planes?

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